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Positioned between art, anthropology, and documentary, "Solid Waste" offers a contemplative, sensory ethnographic view of waste management in the city of Toronto. 



HD Video, 28 Mins


Nuit Blanche
City of Toronto


Director: JP King
Producer: Sean Martindale
Audio: Kyle McCrea


FILM summary

Positioned between art, anthropology, and documentary film, "Solid Waste" goes behind the scenes at waste management sites and is presented as an invitation to contemplate the matter we go to great lengths in making invisible. The film attempts to demonstrate that “an object is a slow event.” What we see is the exotic underworld of the rubbish landscape, located below and beyond normal reality. The dark, dense, and mysterious sites of waste processing produce a chance reshuffling of worthless, familiar objects, which begin to take on a certain sense of beauty as they encounter one another at random. Everyday artefacts appear utterly strange. Ultimately, "Solid Waste" is a mortality tale in which we watch inanimate things, never fully alive, finally come to die.

Test caption. What do you think? 

Test caption. What do you think? 


What we’ve accomplished:



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